2022 Educational Impact Report
Take your curriculum there with EF Study Abroad

Download our 2022 Educational Impact Report to learn about the application of our unique educational philosophy, explore insights from students and faculty that traveled with us in 2022, and discover the profound impact of taking your curriculum out of the classroom with EF.
Peek inside
Our educational philosophy prepares students for the future and their future

Our learning outcomes are measured and proven successful at elevating the academic aspects of educational travel—that's why we've included up-to-date evaluations of the effects of our Global Learning Toolkit, as well as traveler assessments and additional program, scholarship, and student features that demonstrate our mission of, and vision for, academic excellence.



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EF Study Abroad

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Since 1965, EF Education First has helped millions of people see new places, experience new cultures, and learn new things about the world and themselves. To create programs that continue to elevate and enrich the lessons taught in a classroom, EF Study Abroad partners with the world’s top colleges and universities to facilitate culturally immersive, international educational experiences that bring learning to life.

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